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​After-school day service Blue Star

What is after-school day service?

​​It is a welfare service that can be used after school or during long vacations. We provide independence support and functional training in daily life for children with disabilities and children with developmental characteristics. The purpose is to support children with disabilities by providing various places to play and learn.

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☆ Every Saturday event ☆ Handmade toys ☆ Support for children's independence
​ ☆ I want to do it for each person! I support you
​ ☆ There is a transfer by car


​~ Weekday flow ~

​15: 00-pick-up starts

​15: 30-Snack

​16: 00-study / activity

​16: 45-return party

17: 00-pick-up start

​~ Saturday flow ~

​9: 00-pick-up starts

​10: 00-Event starts

12: 00-pick-up start

Saturday event content ☆ Gymnastics class ☆ Hiking ☆ Experimental class ☆ Computer class
​ ☆ Cooking class (currently suspended)

​-Holidays and long vacations-

​9: 00-pick-up starts

10: 30-Outside activities or each activity

​12: 00-lunch

13: 30-study / activities

15: 00-Snack

​16: 45-return party

​​17: 00-pick-up start

~ Characteristics of Blue Star ~


​Usage flow

1. Inquiry

2. Visit / interview

3. Experience

4. Application for use

5. Usage contract

   Individual support plan creation

6.Start using

​Target person / district

~ Target person ~

・ Children with intellectual disabilities

・ Children with mental disorders

・ Children with developmental disabilities

・ Children with hearing and language disorders

~ Target area ~

・ Warabi Toda Kawaguchi


Staff introduction


​Child development support manager Y

Child instructor
​ Mr. Y



It is operated by several employees, part-time workers, and volunteers .

Employees are qualified or experienced.


​Self-evaluation table

The provision of after-school day services and the operation of business establishments are carried out in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Child Welfare Act. Guidelines for the matter are provided. We have conducted an evaluation based on the guidelines this time, and the results have been compiled and will be announced here.We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who cooperated in the questionnaire. I would like to make use of it in the future by referring to your valuable opinions.


​~ Usage fee ~

* The usage fee for after-school day services is based on the amount set by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Tax-exempt households (living protection, low income, etc.)

Burden: 0 yen

Households with household income of up to 8.9 million yen

Burden: 4600 yen

Households with household income of 8.9 million yen or more

Burden: 37200 yen

About services paid by users

・ Snack fee: 100 yen

・ Transportation expenses related to activities outside the office: actual expenses

・ Expenses for recreational activities: actual expenses

(Summer festival and Christmas party)


~ Location / Access ~

3-10-17-2 Nishikicho, Warabi-shi, Saitama Phone 048-434-2225
​ FAX 048-434-2226

* If you come on foot

Toda Station: Approximately 20 minutes

Kitatoda Station: Approximately 20 minutes

Warabi Station: Approximately 30 minutes

* If you come by car

Toda Station: Approximately 5 minutes

Kitatoda Station: Approximately 5 minutes

Warabi Station: Approximately 15 minutes


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