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Aim of Blue Star Co., Ltd.

​Aiming for people and society who can believe in each other

​I want to be a company that can create "meaning of living," "fun of living," and "role of living."​​


​What are the "SDGs" that Blue Star is aiming for?

We, whose corporate philosophy is "heart of mutual belief,"

  1. Both users and staff "support"

  2. Both users and staff "nurture"

  3. People ✕ People / People ✕ Companies / People ✕ “Connecting (Communicating)” Society

With the above three themes

I want to create a society where we can believe in each other

I believe that by doing so, "self," "people," and "society" will grow and become a society with diversity.

[Goals] (Of the 17 goals of the United Nations)

1. 1. Let's get rid of poverty

3. 3. Health and welfare for all

4. High quality education for everyone

5. Achieve gender equality

Ten. Eliminate inequality between people and countries

16. Peace and justice for all

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