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Group home Suzuran


Home overview


10 people

[Target person]

Persons with mental or intellectual disabilities

[Opening date]

365 days (meals are served in the morning and evening)

[Specific services]

Meal provision, money management,

     Medication management, hospital accompaniment,

Cleaning and tidying up the room, etc.

Communicate skills necessary for life


Flow of life of lily of the valley

【Weekday holiday】

6:40 Breakfast (1st group)

7:00 Breakfast (2nd group)

7:30 Breakfast (3rd group)

8:00 Living room closure

(Breakfast ends by 8:00)

9:00 Night shift staff return home

16:00  Night shift staff attendance

Bathing in order from work to home

17:40  Supper (1st group)

18:30  Supper (2nd group)

19:00  Supper (3rd group)

20:00  Living room closed

(Supper ends by 20:00, with exceptions)

22:00  Off (curfew for those who go out)

* For lunch on days when work is off, you will have to eat by yourself according to your own lunch.

* Personal use of gas in each room is prohibited.

* As for how to use smartphones and games, each individual has a promise so that it will not interfere with their daily lives.


​Flow until moving in

If you are worried about your life in Suzuran ...

Please contact us by phone or the following inquiries. We will respond depending on the availability of the room.

TEL: 048-420-9799

​Home tour and explanation interview

We would like to explain about our home and stories about our life history, etc. regarding those who wish to use it. At that time, if you want to try life at our home, we will discuss the date and time of the experience.

Experience move-in

​At this home, we will make a trial move-in for about one week before this contract. The reason is that you can actually spend your time at this home and feel that you can spend your time with peace of mind.​ And it is to judge whether the home staff can provide proper service.


If you reach an agreement between the two parties after the trial move-in, you will be contracted. In that case, we will contact you again regarding the necessary items.


About usage charges

[Rent] 37,854 yen

Separate rent subsidy will be provided

[Daily necessities] 5,000 yen

[Utility and water costs] Actual costs

[Food material cost] 800 yen / day   

Breakfast 300 yen, dinner 500 yen / day


* The estimated billing amount is around 70,000 yen. [As of February 2022]   



【 Precautions 】

(1) Rent, utilities, and water costs are charged by dividing the total of all rooms by the number of users.

(For those who meet the standards of each municipality, rent subsidy is applied)

(2) Food material costs include rice and seasonings.

③ In principle, personal use of office telephones is prohibited. Please use your own mobile phone.  

④ In addition to the billed amount, mobile phone charges, lunch charges, and pocket money charges are required.

Current users cost an average of less than 100,000 yen a month, including the billed amount.

(Available for welfare households)

(5) There is a possibility that the cost of daily necessities will increase due to social conditions and soaring prices.

In that case, we will report each time after consulting with the prefectural office.


Location / Access


4-14-18 Kamitoda, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture-Anchante 401

[Telephone number & FAX number]


[Nearest station]

15 minutes walk from Toda Station on the JR Saikyo Line

* If you come by car, please use the parking lot near you.



Thank you for sending

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